Mission & vision statement

VLUHR QA is an independent and external evaluation body in Flanders which contributes to safeguarding and continuous improvement of the quality of higher education. VLUHR QA is an essential partner in the development and stimulation of a quality culture in higher education, and as a trend-setting centre of expertise it provides services to all
concerned parties.

VLUHR QA and its partners construct a broadly supported and propagated quality culture in higher education. On account of the independence and expertise of the organization itself and of the review panels it composes and supports, VLUHR QA maintains a unique position towards the educational institutions which creates the possibility of taking a fresh, critical and constructive look at the study programmes. In regard to external evaluations, VLUHR QA uses a previously published protocol and collaborates with independent, skilled and authoritative peers. The organization is registered with EQAR and operates according to the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

VLUHR QA works hand in hand with the institutions to guarantee and further develop a prime educational quality, with respect to the institutions’ specific contexts and individual characteristics. If and when needed, it points out problems that require attention and challenges that might be taken up, as well as best practices which can serve as inspiration for others. VLUHR QA wants to confirm the trust of society at large in the quality of the study programmes and wants to stimulate and support the education and research institutions to achieve an internationally highly valued reputation.

VLUHR QA takes part in the realisation of a higher education area in which institutions and organizations communicate efficiently and transparently, both internally in order to promote a smooth operation as well as towards the outside world. The latter is performed with an explicit attention towards the (potential) student, enabling him/her to make rational and informed choices on the one hand and involving him/her in the setup of the study programme on the other hand.

With its experiences and expertise, VLUHR QA participates in both the scientific and the
public debate and ensures a broad dissemination of valid information concerning quality
assurance, learning and education.

VLUHR QA is at once a critical mirror and a source and supporter of innovation and knowledge exchange. A first investment to this end by the organization is the development of each of its employees to be experts in their field and the cultivation of their professional skills. They are the most important capital of the organization and are challenged to reach their maximum potential, creating a high quality performance and a continuous growth of knowledge and experience within VLUHR QA. Secondly, the organization sets up sustainable collaborations with sound partners. In doing so, VLUHR QA profiles itself as a valued and reliable knowledge partner in the area of quality assurance.

VLUHR QA represents involvement, expertise, independence, transparency and a constructive approach.