Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are the keystones of any program. Under coordination of the VLUHR Quality Assurance Unit, the Flemish University and University College programs define common sets of competences, or learning outcomes frameworks. Such a framework addresses for every Bachelor or Master program the required levels of insights, skills and attitudes students must obtain during their study process.

Defining common learning enables the positioning of a program vis-à-vis similar programs and informs students and employers about the competences and qualification a program entails. The very same time, these frameworks are linked with national and international qualification frameworks in order to increase transparency in the European higher education area.

The VLUHR Quality Assurance Unit has developed a roadmap to define common learning outcomes frameworks. High levels of trust between higher education institutions and program ownership are paramount. In order to guarantee the representativeness and supportiveness of the learning outcomes frameworks international experts are consulted. Finally, the frameworks are validated by the NVAO.

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For further information please contact Dieter Cortvriendt, staff member Learning Outcomes VLUHR Quality Assurance.