ENQA peer-review

VLUHR QA would like to renew its full ENQA membership and requested to organize a peer review in June 2019, with the following timetable:

  • July 2018: beginning of the self-assessment
  • April 2019: completion SAR
  • June 2019: site visit by the peer review panel
  • September 2019: review report

The self-assessment report (SAR) sets out the information and evidence that demonstrates how the Quality Assurance Unit of the Flemish Council for higher education (VLUHR QA) complies with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG).

The Manual for the External Quality Assurance in Flemish Higher Education and the Manual for the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes are an inseparable part of the SAR.


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